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iNf4mation is a revolutionary DeFi project that leverages the full power of DeFi to give users ultimate control over the tokenized value of their data.

iNf4mation uses data masking to keep data private, and users can control and profit from their data in a DeFi ecosystem.

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Hybrid, Decentralized DeFi Platform

iNf4mation is a DeFi based project for data control and compliance.

iNf4mation is a DeFi based project for data control and compliance. iNf4mation features an elite team of architects, developers and business people who have successfully collaborated to use blockchain technology to address the issues of security and ownership aroundc your data, and the ability for you to benefit from your data.

iNf4mation aims to address the issue of protecting user’s private data while it is available on a blockchain. iNf4mation gives users the power to own and control their data, and it gives companies a revolutionary platform to access data that is not only secure and regulatory-compliant, but also user-approved and declared.

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iNf4mation introduces iUCV, or the iNf4mation Unique Customer View. No longer will YOUR data be siloed or hacked by big business - YOU control who has access and YOU charge THEM for using YOUR data in a free, intuitive and easy-to-use mobile app.

iNf4mation takes care of data compliance

iNf4mation is compliant with the most stringent data protection laws around the world, such as the APPI(Japan), CCPA(USA), GDPR(EU), NDB (Australia), PDPA(Asia), PDPB (India), PIPEDA(Canada), PDPO (Hong Kong), etc.
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iNf4mation will also offer iNf4.finance, iNf4mation’s dedicated DeFi platform. This platform leverages the power of DeFi to let users maximize their ability to capture the value of their tokenized data.

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Trusted Security

Advanced cryptography and data masking keep valuable and sensitive data safe

Data Compliance

iNf4mation ensures that data meets all data compliance regulations in a strict and ever-changing compliance landscape

DeFi Power

Use iNf4 tokens to participate in a DeFi ecosystem around your valuable data.
Token Prices

Our Token Prices

The iNf4 token is the utility token that powers the iNf4mation platform. The iNf4 token is used to facilitate the unique functionality of the iNf4mation platform.

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iNf4mation is the first blockchain-based, hybrid decentralized DeFi platform in this new era of data privacy and compliance. It allows valuable data to be stored and shared securely between users, businesses and applications without putting vulnerable Personal Identifiable Information (PII) at risk. It gives users complete control over their data, allowing them to choose what data is shared, and with which companies they share it.

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ICO Distribution

Our ICO Distribution

The iNf4 token is an ERC-20 utility token which can be purchased during the various token sales stages or later from an exchange

Funds Allocation

Our iNf4 Roadmap

Our iNf4 Roadmap

Details of our roadmap


Business Case
Whitepaper Development v1
Proof of Concept v1 Design & Architecture
Testnet v1
Salesforce appExchange v1 Design & Development


Soft Marketing Campaign 1
App Design & Architecture
Decoupled API Design and Build
Design Patent Pending status received


Netflix release of "The Social Dilemma"
DeFi enrichment to technical contract
Security enhancement to technical contract


Addition of iNf4.finance & iNf4mation.io
Refreshed Website
Whitepaper Development v2
Testnet v2
Technical Contract Security Review & Audit
Marketing Campaign 2


Commence Legal & Regulatory compliance
Successfully bind Salesforce transactions to multiple basechains
Successfully bind Salesforce transactions to > 20 testnet blockchains
Mainnet Launch
Marketing Campaign 3


Bounty & Airdrop campaign launches
Private, Crowd & Public Sales commence

Salesforce NFT testnet commences
Marketing Campaign 4


App TestFlight release to ~10,000 users
iUCV prototype
Promote Salesforce basechain bindings to mainnet
Promote Salesforce blockchain bindings to mainnet
Marketing Campaign 5


Salesforce Private AppExchange release
Mainnet token release commences
Mobile Application Live Release
Token Launch
Marketing Campaign 6


Salesforce AppExchange v1 Design & Development
Salesforce AppExchange Full Security Review
UK & US Sales Launch
Marketing Campaign 7


Salesforce AppExchange v1 launch
Salesforce AppExchange v2 Design & Development
EU Sales Launch

Token FAQ

Frequently Questions

Below are the FAQs

What is iNf4mation?

iNf4mation is a blockchain-based hybrid Decentralized Finance platform for data control and compliance. iNf4mation gives the customer control over their data and makes data compliant for businesses to use. The iNf4mation platform acts as an extension of another business platform, such as the Salesforce cloud platform, that lets users maintain control over their private data using data masking to prevent users from being targeted based on the publicly-available data that they share. iNf4mation lets businesses access customer data in a way that is both secure and compliant.

What is Decentralised Finance (DeFi)?

Decentralised Finance, or DeFi, is one of the fastest growing industries in blockchain and cryptocurrency right now. DeFi, in its essence, is the ability to exchange units of value directly between one another, without relying on a centralised intermediary. DeFi allows this decentralized exchange with the use of smart contracts. A smart contract is a type of digital contract that is automated by a computer program. Unlike traditional contracts, smart contracts do not require an intermediary to oversee the execution of the contract. The underlying computer code of the contract is programmed so that when certain conditions are met, the contract executes automatically. Through the use of smart contracts, DeFi is unlocking an entirely new way for people to directly exchange value.

How does DeFi staking work?

DeFi staking is the process where coins are locked up within a smart contract and percentage yields are given in return. Staking allows cryptocurrency holders to gain passive incomes from their investment in crypto. Many cryptocurrency investors are looking to further their revenue streams and many view staking as a safer alternative to trading cryptocurrency. In addition, staking is required in order to participate in some areas of DeFi. By leveraging the power of smart contracts, cryptocurrency-based lending and borrowing ecosystems are enabled.

How does DeFi allow lending and borrowing?

DeFi opens up a new way for people to lend assets-to and borrow assets-from one another. In traditional finance, lending is typically done through a centralized entity such as a bank. Borrowers have few options for other avenues of financing. However, with DeFi, lenders and borrowers can directly transact with one another, eliminating the need for a centralized financial institution. By using smart contracts, lenders can lock the funds they wish to loan out, and get a percentage yield for lending. Borrowers can request and get matched with loans from these smart contracts.

What is DeFi Pooling?

DeFi pooling is the process of locking tokens into a smart contract in order to make a pool of assets for liquidity. Liquidity pools are used to facilitate token swapping through Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs), DeFi lending and borrowing, and more. Adding tokens to a liquidity pool generates a percentage yield. The liquidity pools are used to fund and collateralise these decentralised exchanges and lending of tokens. Liquidity pools are the basis of how many DeFi platforms work.

What is iNf4mation’s Unique Customer View (iUCV)?

iNf4mation’s Unique Customer View (iUCV) is a unique portal for customer data. On one side, the iUCV allows end-users to be in full control of their sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII). On the other side, the iUCV allows businesses to see only the specific data that the customers share with the businesses. The iUCV maintains data compliance by only giving businesses access to the data that the customers themselves declare.

What is iNf4 Token?

The iNf4 token is the utility token that powers the iNf4mation platform. iNf4 tokens are used to facilitate the unique functionality of the iNf4mation platform. Whilst the iNf4 token is the only means of value transfer between parties on the iNf4mation platform, the iNf4 token can be converted to-and-from any other cryptocurrency or fiat currency. The iNf4 token will initially be developed as an ERC-20 token to simplify the Token Generation Event (TGE) and usage of the token as a means of payment from the launch.

Why is iNf4 token ERC-20 based?

Why is the iNf4 token ERC-20 based ? The ERC-20 token standard is the most popular and most widely-used token standard. Due to the popularity of the ERC-20 token standard, ERC-20 tokens are the most commonly used tokens for smart contract infrastructure. As a result, ERC-20 tokens have the largest number of compatible wallets, such as MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, Ledger, TREZOR, Mist, and many others.

How safe are iNf4 ERC-20 tokens?

The renowned external technology auditor Kishan Patel has conducted a mathematically complete audit in order to verify the security and integrity of the iNf4mation codebase. By conducting a thorough review, Kishan concluded in his independent report that “these [iNf4mation] smart contracts pass the security qualification to be listed on digital asset exchanges”.

What's the token distribution plan for iNf4?

The maximum supply of iNf4 utility tokens is capped at 10 billion. 20% of the supply of iNf4, or 2 billion tokens, is the iNf4mation team's reserve and has been fully locked. 30% of the supply of iNf4, or 3 billion tokens, are reserved for the foundation pool. 50% of the supply, or 5 billion tokens, is reserved for the investor's pool, which is dedicated to investors and used for token sales in tiers. The iNf4mation team's 20% of the token supply will be locked into an irrevocable and audited smart-contract address.

Our Team

Awesome Team

The iNf4mation project is backed by a very strong and experienced team

Cory Warfield

Global General Manager

Daniel Mash

Founder & Architect

Ravi Kura

Chief Technology Officer

Dr Lorenc Hoxhallari, PHD

Chief Data Scientist

Yousef Mohammed

Senior Technical Lead

Nawaz Ahmed

Senior Technical Engineer

Shion Earl-Krogset

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Proshonjit Das

Chief Blockchain & Smart Contracts Architect

Tauqeer Farooqi

Senior Blockchain Engineer

Daniel Benson

Senior IT Project Manager

Vinesh Kamble

Senior AWS Technical Architect

Ian Scarffe

Blockchain Advisor

Ian Madisson

Chairman European Blockchain Association

Steven Vinacour

Head of Creative & Marketing

Michael Palmer

Business & Strategy Advisor

Adam Davison

Chief Communications Officer